First Heterochromia meet up, exposition & people with two different color eyes photography book release x

“I think my eyes are the only thing I love about my body”

I think that I have many stories …
My life is particular, not only for my deafness, but it’s also supernatural, I was often traveling in different countries and  I would meet shaman people and they would always say  that my spirit/guardian is a blue Phoenix and I have the same blue eye like this Phoenix, and the green is the forest… as two different dimensions overlapping and then became a dream world (I can feel and see many different things what people can’t see).
My green eye sometime change colour, sometime it becomes green and sometimes  brown, because of my emotions and the weather…
I think my eyes are the only thing I love about my body.
There’s one that for me it’s very interesting, a my master told me that the blue eye represents sweetness, ocean and present, the green eye represent creativity, moss/forest and past :]]…
Ironically, fate took away my hearing, but  offered these magic eyes.

“I am so thankful of my heterochromatic eyes. I speak, love and smile with them. They have become my distinctive beauty and strength in self belief.”

“While the kids were just curious, it sometimes made me feel like an animal in a zoo”

I love my eyes! Although, when I was younger I quickly became self conscious of the attention I would receive as a result of my eyes. I have memories from when I was at school of kids surrounding me to try get a better look at my eyes. While the kids were just curious, it sometimes made me feel like an animal in a zoo or something! The comments I receive about my eyes are always positive, and always have been. Generally people find them interesting and want to know how my eyes came to be that way. I remember one boy from school never believed me when I said my eyes were natural, and was convinced that I wore contact lenses. It became a bit of a game trying to convince him otherwise! 🙂 I am lucky that my eyes never resulted in me been bullied or anything like that


“Blessed are those who see beauty in imperfection, for you teach the world to see through different eyes”

heterochromia_project2Back when I was young people would ask me why my eyes were the way they are.
I just responded that I had two souls, or that I had eaten my twin when I was in the womb, or that on my planet this was very normal.

Blessed are those who see beauty in imperfection, for you teach the world to see through different eyes. -Jamiro Oort 2017