Heterochromia in UK :) !

I saw the picture of this girl and I though, JEZZ, I have to go and photograph her!

This portrait was taken in London, at one of my girlfriends garden close to Hackney. I always ask if people have some interesting stories to tell and I remembered that she mentioned something about designing stuff, so I asked her for help in designing Heterochromia photography book! The funny thing was that she is design engineer at fire detection related company, but my intuition was still right 🙂 I got connected with one of her good friends who is working on Heterochromia photography book now. I am very happy about it! it’s about the time to move on with this beautiful project 🙂


“It makes me no different from you”

To be honest, i never got bullied because of my eyes, since i was little, the only reactions i got on my eyes were: “Cool, it’s special, wooow you’ve got a red/orange spot in your eyes how come?”
Then I told them it was in-fact more Brown but sometimes with the light/sun it appeared more orangey-red .
Most of these times I was like “o right i have this other Color in my eye :p and People notice … And most of these times they think it’s awesome… But still it makes me no different from you :). I even felt sorry for some, cause they thought  I was more special or something, I could just feel it, they also wanted such special eye(s) but I am just as normal/special as them . The most negative reactions ever were “that’s odd”
But I don’t really calculate them as negative… Cause in a way, it ís odd to have multiple colored eyes I guess 🙂

Actually, doing the shoot with you motivated me to look for other kinda shooting stuff, so I have to thank you for the confidence boost.
(I wish all the best for her! might be next worlds big model 🙂 same as  Kaine Buffonge 🙂  )