I remember when the hag came to see me

I remember when the hag came to see me. I’m
Not aware of when my eyes were switched. I know that my long suffering sleep paralysis is related to the hag visits.

“My mother than became obsessed with curing my left eye of Heterochromia”

I remember first noticing my difference from others when my family was presented with an oil painting of me. It was a gift from my grandmother’s friend who was a painter just like her. It was framed beautifully and was placed on the wall of the living room. At 4 yrs old I noticed the girl who looked like me didn’t have my eyes though. I asked my parents and they just let me know that the painter made my eyes look normal. The painting became the other me the one I was supposed to look like but I didn’t. My mother than became obsessed with curing my left eye of Heterochromia. She was convinced that if she could just find the right diet for me as a child; it would go away. She would routinely examine my eye and was happy when she thought it was fading in color. It never did it just stayed the same but she felt the need to fix me and see results. In school other kids were scared of me they didn’t want to look in my eyes or sometimes sit by me. I always wished there was another person like me; but I never did meet anyone like me. Not until the internet and Facebook came into being. Then it became a sense of relief that there were others. I even found lists of celebrities and historical figures that had it. I was not alone. I often look at the pictures and stories of others like me and cry. They seem like a family of people who don’t know each other but are connected. Another race of mankind who have had to feel what it is like to not be apart of mankind. But, feel empathy for themselves and for the people who will never accept them as normal. I even dreamed that we were called the Jaguar people and were sent here to save mankind from themselves. That we can see and feel things that they have long forgotten. So here’s to hoping that one day when you look at our eyes we can teach you how to see how we see. That the whole universe is a diverse garden and all are welcome.

Heterochromia from UK :)

She is a model I saw her picture on a magazine cover, I have found her name and immediately contacted her 🙂 Her name is Topaz, absolutely gorgeous girl that happen to come to Amsterdam for another photo shoot and joined Heterochromia project as well 🙂

Topaz did not take her lenses out until the very last moment before the shoot. She say she is very insecure about her eyes, but i am sure that one day this beautiful condition will bring her even more fame then she can imagine 🙂

Thank you, Topaz! I am hoping to see you again! 🙂


Wow! what is wrong with your eyes?

Im different and I love it…when a was a child everyone was looking at me and saying wow what is wrong with your 👁?? I was feeling bad  because everyone was thinking something wrong with my eye …   is nothing wrong I’m different I’m special  and I love it 🙂

“it is something who defines me forever, just like my tattoos but even more unique”

When I was a child my grandma used to tell me that her mother’s eyes had two different colours, just like mine. I thought it was cool, it made me feel so proud and special.
Heterochromia was never a problem to me and I don’t understand people thinking it is.
Technically, my eyes have a different quantity of melamine, but to me, Heterochromia is more than that.
It is my great-grandmother’s gift and it is something who defines me forever, just like my tattoos but even more unique.

“I think my eyes are the only thing I love about my body”

I think that I have many stories …
My life is particular, not only for my deafness, but it’s also supernatural, I was often traveling in different countries and  I would meet shaman people and they would always say  that my spirit/guardian is a blue Phoenix and I have the same blue eye like this Phoenix, and the green is the forest… as two different dimensions overlapping and then became a dream world (I can feel and see many different things what people can’t see).
My green eye sometime change colour, sometime it becomes green and sometimes  brown, because of my emotions and the weather…
I think my eyes are the only thing I love about my body.
There’s one that for me it’s very interesting, a my master told me that the blue eye represents sweetness, ocean and present, the green eye represent creativity, moss/forest and past :]]…
Ironically, fate took away my hearing, but  offered these magic eyes.

“I am so thankful of my heterochromatic eyes. I speak, love and smile with them. They have become my distinctive beauty and strength in self belief.”

“While the kids were just curious, it sometimes made me feel like an animal in a zoo”

I love my eyes! Although, when I was younger I quickly became self conscious of the attention I would receive as a result of my eyes. I have memories from when I was at school of kids surrounding me to try get a better look at my eyes. While the kids were just curious, it sometimes made me feel like an animal in a zoo or something! The comments I receive about my eyes are always positive, and always have been. Generally people find them interesting and want to know how my eyes came to be that way. I remember one boy from school never believed me when I said my eyes were natural, and was convinced that I wore contact lenses. It became a bit of a game trying to convince him otherwise! 🙂 I am lucky that my eyes never resulted in me been bullied or anything like that