Heterochromia Project Book

I have been working on this heterochromia project since 2011, I have met amazing people that turned into a special community around me, people shared their stories and insecurities with me which became an important addition to the project,  giving it a relevant social aspect. With this event I would like to celebrate heterohcromia not only with portraits, stories, but… also, long awaited first heterochromia photography album ever made.
We are hosting the event in Amsterdam because of its accessibility as a hub city for everyone who will be travelling in. I am inviting people to donate in any way they can, even by simply helping to put it all together.

You have 3 options:

1. Supporting the making of the book & heterochromia meet up event via PayPal (any amount you prefer, I will mention your name as somebody that helped in a making)

2. Preordering the book –  (only 100 COPIES available) €66,99 plus sending, please see the link to sending costs to your destination: htthttps://www.parcel2go.com/ps://www.dhl.nl/exp-en/tools/volumetric_weight_express.html the book dimensions are 31x31cm square and 5cm width)


or you can make direct transfer to my bank account specifying the cause in the comments


3. Supporting heterochromia meet up & expo event by buying tickets:


Prosecutor ♡ /Irish heterochromia x

Irish heterochromy, by which I do not see otherwise, I am no other human or blindly not restricted. I love extraordinary places to photograph them. I’m 28 years old and visit the end of august school to catch up with my high school graduation and finally study to make my dream come true. Prosecutor ♡

Heterochromia iridium is found in roughly 1% of the population

Finally met the mind/photographer behind heterochromiaproject.com, which I was fortunate enough to take part of while I was in NYC, and Maria Cavali is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.
Heterochromia iridium is found in roughly 1% of the population, and it’s been amazing to see people from all over the world be documented. 🖤

Aqua boy

So I was born with blue eyes and in my left eye I got a little green spot, but I noticed it since I was 11 or so. Well then on one day a few years ago I fall down real badly and that cost me an eye trauma, since that day my left eye was started to change dramatically, because it kept getting more green! And eventually my eye is completely green, but weirdly my green eye is lighter then my blue eye haha. Once someone made a picture of my eyes underwater and it looked like my green eye illuminated under water! From that day On I got the nickname aqua boy.

It was hard in the beginning because people stare at me sometimes and I felt so insecure because of it. But it’s something that makes me unique from everyone else. And one time when I was traveling by train I sat down infront of an verry friendly woman who had one blue and one brown eye, and we where just looking out of the window and the people next to us asks us if we where family, and the woman said (with a bit of funny sarcasm) why would you think that haha? And then they said that they saw that we both had blonde hair so we laughed quite hard and said like “yeah sure haha” and then she smiled at me and she started to share here story as well and that helped quite a bit!

I find out that people like it and find it unique and beautiful! Sometimes tourists wanna take a picture of me, but I don’t mind it, they are often so nice! I don’t want to be an attraction but it’s funny to see how they react sometimes haha. Now i’m So much more comfortable with my eyes and I see it as an gift. It was meant to be and I’m making the best of it with my beautiful trauma.