Look into their eyes

This book marks a milestone in a five year journey across the globe to seek out the special few with this condition. Heterochromia is not just a physical condition where the melatonin in each eye differs but, as I discovered on this journey, its roots lie deep within their characters’ and identities. Just like the duality of their eyes, these characters have spent their lifetimes either celebrated for their beauty or shunned as freaks, often both.
As an artist I so desperately wanted to see the world through their eyes, and in these 5 years I got more than I bargained for. Their stories painted a duo tone world for me that enriched me as a person. I hope with this book I can share that with you too, just look into their eyes…

Heterochromia – Children of Hags project fundraiser

Honestly, with paypal donations and book preorders I am nearly there 

🙂 Thanks guys! The ones that contributed and the ones that didn’t. The fundraiser is coming to an end, if you still feel the call to add up, you are very welcome! I appreciate all your support and you all added so much to give birth to this beautiful project in a form of book x love, Maria & @childrenofhagshttps://www.facebook.com/donate/970810679946022/?fundraiser_source=external_url