People tend to look at one eye and stay there…lol

At first I hated my eyes. Kids can be cruel. The rumor went around that I was an alien and not to play with me. I had maybe 1-2 friends in K-1 to first grade, luckily I had a lot of sisters. I remember crying and asking my mom why she gave me these eyes. She would just say, “because your unique” Skip ahead a few years, I begin to notice that distinct pause in the middle of a conversation and I blurt out what I know is coming next, “yes, I have 2 different colored eyes” it becomes somewhat of a game for me.. Let’s see how long it takes for someone you’re talking to, to notice…20 min? 2hrs? 2 days? 5 years?!? All of the above!! People tend to look at one eye and stay there…lol

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