“Apart from the stares I really don’t mind having heterochromia, I love my eyes “

Heterochromia Project

A few things off the top of my head are, I work in a shop and I have about 10 customers a day telling me that I’m wearing contact lenses, I tell them that I’m not and they won’t believe me! I also get a lot of people saying to me “do you know your eyes are different colours?” Like they think I have been walking around for 23 years and hadn’t realised! I also have had a few “are you blind in one eye?” Which I find very rude, they think that because my blue eye is a very light blue that I might be blind in that eye, I just respond by saying “no I’m not, I have always had perfect vision in both eyes, it’s called heterochromia, look it up! “.. Another thing I don’t like is when one person notices my eyes and then tells all the people they are with and then I have about 4 people looking at me, it can be quite awkward! Apart from the stares I really don’t mind having heterochromia, I love my eyes now that I’m older, I love being unique!

14 thoughts on ““Apart from the stares I really don’t mind having heterochromia, I love my eyes “

    1. Rob, did you find a group that is a little more private? Not like we are there to just post pictures and display our eyes? I also have heterochromia and I’ve been interested, for a while, to create a secret group that would only have people with this particular condition to encourage the participants to share about themselves, so we can create a community, be friends and not feel isolated.


      1. I have a left blue and a right brown… and there’s no end to the comments are reactions I receive, which, although positive – like people say “this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!” – it gets a little annoying for the fact that your presence causes awe, and people don’t really consider you as an equal to them. But hey, I am just like any body else… or at least I like to think I am.

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  1. I am writing a fanfic story about a girl who has heterchromia and these eyes are beautiful! May I use this picture?


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